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My techniques


I love to create watercolor paintings. I usually use this technique like a background of my paintings, and when all shapes are painted I use a liner pencil or colored pencils for definition. This is my signature style, but I can also create custom paintings using the following techniques. Please contact me and share with me your ideas for artwork. I would love to help you create a painting that will make you happy.


I also like to paint with a pastel technique where each picture is at bright with fantastic colors! I prefer to paint still life paintings using this technique.


My third technique is collage. I build these collages step by step, creating my own unusual designs.

Stained Glass

I have a unique artistic technique where the paintings look like stained glass. This is the most difficult technique, but you can see what gorgeous themes I make using this technique!

Personal Orders

I may create almost everything for you personal order. I like architectural themes, flower and botanical ones, animals and insects ones, landscapes and city sights and especially paintings for children!


General sizes which I prefer to paint are: cm inches A3 ( 29,70 x 42,00 ) 5’ x 7’ A4 ( 21,00 x 29,70 ) 8’ x 10’ A5 ( 15,00 x 21,00 ) 11’ x 14 A6 ( 10,00 x 15,00 ) 16’ x 20’ Please contact me for other sizes.